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    Here's a quick, low-point, high protein breakfast. Split & toast an English Muffin (2 or 3 pts). Spray a custard cup and drop in one eggwhite. Cover the dish & microwave for 45 seconds. Top eggwhite with a Boca Breakfast Patty (1 pt), microwave for one minute. Put a squirt of Kick'rs Ketchup on your muffin and sandwich the egg & sausage between the muffin. Mmmmm.

    Tasty, quick & only 3 or 4 points.
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    I make this with 1 point english muffins. Reduced calorie Country Kitchen english muffins. Brings the points down a bit and very filling.

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    I make it a little different.............I use the one point english muffin (toasted), 3 Egg whites for one point, a slice of Canadian Bacon
    for one point. Talk about yummy [img]graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]
    So give that a try sometime. Its well worth the
    three points for breakfast.
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    Using 1 pt. English muffins, I add a slice of 2% cheese for a 4 point FILLING breakfast!

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