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Thread: Filling 3 point High Fiber meal!

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    I just made a yummy concoction based on what I needed to use up in my fridge. A couple days ago I put a big can of pumpkin in the crockpot with a bunch of SF Davinci Gingerbread syrup and some cinnamon. (of course, I didn't measure it [img]graemlins/ugh.gif[/img] )
    So I had a cup of that for 0 points. I added 1 cup of bulgur that I had cooked last week for 2 points. I heated that up and added 1 Tbs of Brummel and Brown Yogurt Spread (my "butter" of choice these days) for 1 point. So three points for a filling, high-fiber, creamy, yummy bowlful! I'm thinking I could probably heat up some pumpkin right out of the can with some syrup and do this as well. I've got a new keeper.
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    This sounds absolutely wonderful!!
    I am not that creative so I really appreciate you sharing with us!!
    I will definately give it a whirl! [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img]
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    This is THE year!!!!

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    This sounds really good....I am going to have to make it!!! Wouldn't we have to count it as 4 points though? The Food Companion says that 1 cup of canned pumpkin is 1 point. Am I buying the wrong kind?

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    I count it as 3. I don't count for the pumpkin. I don't have a food companion, but the week one book says Pumpkin, 1 cup 0 points. Plus the label of the brand I use the serving size works out to 0 points. I refuse to count points for any kind of veggie other than starchy veggies. It works for me.
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    Sounds yummy & very filling! I'm a pumpkin lover

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    Default Re: Filling 3 point High Fiber meal!

    This sounds wonderful and will fall weather coming soon (hopefully) it seems like a good time of the year to use pumpkin!!

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