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Thread: **UPDATED**: Another Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich for 1.75 points!!!

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    **January 31, 2004 - I now have this down to 1.75 points per sandwich, see parenthesis!!**

    I eat this like 3 times a week - this sandwich started out at 9 points (bacon, real egg, american cheese slice) when I started WW at 290 pounds, and I am so PROUD I have gotten it down to *2 and 1/4* as I've lowered my point ranges! I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY YUMMY SANDWICH!!!


    2 slices light bread (1 point)(2 slices Earth Grains 35 Vegetable Fiber Bread - white or wheat, .5 point for *2 slices*)
    1/4 cup Egg Beaters (1/2 point)
    1/8 cup Kraft Free Shredded Cheddar Cheese (1/2 point)
    1 Tablespoon Miracle Whip Free (1/4 point)

    (total points with new bread, 1.75!!!!)

    Spray small frying pan with Pam and heat up. When hot, pop bread in toaster, and pour egg beaters into the pan. When you flip the egg, pour the cheese evenly on top, turn down the heat, and let it cook till the cheese almost completely melts. When the toast pops up, evenly spread the Miracle Whip Free onto the toast, fold up the egg, put it on the bread, and eat it! Yummy!

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    This really sounds great! As I was reading the recipe I had a sudden vision of making it and putting a big slice of tomato on top. YUMMY!!!!
    I think this is EXACTLY what I want for supper tonight!!!!

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    I just realized that sans the miracle whip I have this almost every weekend, except I use 1 slice of 2% cheese and put some green chiles in my egg beaters so mine is 2.5 points.
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    This would be really good with the Southwestern flavored Egg Beaters that have pepper and such in them. YUM! I may even add some turkey bacon.

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    I nuke the egg substitute in a custard cup, then eat it on a toasted one point burger bun!! The egg comes out the perfect shape for the bun and the custard cup goes in the dishwasher!!

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    How long do you nuke the egg for? I make this now but I have tried using an egg ring with no success. Thanks.
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    I microwave the egg substitute for 30 seconds, stir it, then do another 20-30 seconds (watching it to see when the consistency looks right) It gets all puffed up and makes the sandwich look huge!!

    Since each microwave is a little different, keep an eye on it so you don't get rubberized eggs!!

    I have some of those egg rings and have not been happy with them! Even after spraying them with Pam, the egg gets stuck on! Then, I am stuck cleaning the pan AND the goofy ring!!

    Microwaveable custard cups are the way to go. They are multi purpose at my house. They are perfect for baking the zero point pumpkin custards, eating a little snackie or making the eggs!

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    Catrina Guest


    You could always use the 1 point scrambled egg patties. I get them at Walmart

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    Catrina Guest


    Here is the site
    web page
    Click on Timber Ridge Products.

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    This sandwich sounds great! I'm always looking for an easy breakfast with plenty of protein to keep me going in the morning. Thanks!


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    I am new to WW any good recipes are helpful.
    Nicole [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    hmmm 1 point buns eh?????? do tell!
    I get tired of my same old tired low EVERYTHING sliced bread

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    FirstCavWife Guest


    Nature's Own 1.3 Point SF Buns
    I'm bumping the thread too.

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    One point hamburger and hot dog buns I buy are from Merita, Merita Lite Wheat.

    I have heard Sunbeam also makes them, but I haven't seen them here.

    Kroger has their brand lite wheat hot dog and hamburger buns too, 1 point.

    I have found some one point dinner rolls, Pepperidge Farms Hot and Crusty, Multi Grain buns!

    But my breakfast sandwich goes on the Merita Lite wheat bun.

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    natures own LF sourdough is good and 1pt for 2 also.

    I make this sandwhich and LOVE It however i use 2% slice like joanne. The kraft i think.. It melts so nice and I love egg and cheese...

    mmmm might just have me some inthe AM =)

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    Healthy Life hamburger buns, white or wheat are 1 point each. The bread is like sawdust, but the buns are A-OK!
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    Default Re: Breakfast ideans

    I just joined today so I hope I am doing this posting right. I like the breakfast ideas and I would like to share mine. I have no time in the morning so I make this on Sunday.
    Breakfast Quiche
    Saute 12 oz fresh mushrooms sliced 1/4 inch thick in a non stick pan sprayed with Pam. 0 pts
    Add 5 slices Jennie-O lean turkey bacon and cook 10 mins 2 pts
    When mushrooms are soft line a 9 inch pie plate with mix
    Meanwhile defrost one half of a one lb bag of frozen leaf spinach 3-6 mins in microwave. Spread evenly in pie
    Beat 8 eggs and pour over spinach. 16 pts
    Bake 350 for 1 hr.
    Cut into 6 pcs for 3 pts each. Breakfast for the week.
    Or use 7 eggs and cut into 4 pcs at 4 pts each.
    You can substitue broccoli for the spinach, add cheese, peppers, etc to make it different.
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