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Thread: The best feeling in the world!

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    Ok,I know this sounds kind of silly. BUt let me tell you about my weekend! On Friday, while packing for a trip, I found an old box of my old clothes that I had grown out of. I started trying some of them on, just to see how far off I was. Well, turns out, my old fav pair of jeans fit me!!!!! They were a little snug, but they fit, zipped and were pretty comfortable. I was so excited that I wore them out on Fri night. I was feeling all confident and happy, and I just happened to run into my ex boyfriend. ( I joined WW a week after we broke up) It was such a good feeling for him to say, wow you look great, and then to have him tell me I should call him so we can talk.

    Now have NO desire to call him, since our breakup was less than pleasant, but it sure felt good to see the look of shock on his face. Yipeeeeeeee , Mandi

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    Good for you. That must have felt so terrific.
    Starting over after baby #2.

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    Good for you!! Keep up the great work! That really must have felt great! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    Good for you on fitting into your old jeans! And it sounds like even better, running into your old boyfriend and having him "look longingly yet futilely!" THAT had to be satisfying!
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    Wow, what a feeling..You must look pretty good for an old ex to say something positive, right? Especially when you say the break up wasn't pleasant....
    Great work...
    Keep it up..
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    Good for you Mandi!

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    Great feeling, really proves to ourselves that we are successes [img]graemlins/bcbsalute.gif[/img]
    *~* biz *~*

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