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Thread: Gardenburger sweet and sour "pork" and country fried "steak"

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    Found these at my local super walmart a week or so ago. the sweet and sour pork is only 3 pts, the country fried steak is 4 pts and htey are both excellent! They also have some new buffalo chicken wings that looked good, but, those were 4 pts for just a few so I have not tried those yet. HTe sweet and sour pork is great over rice!
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    Wow, these sound great. I will look for them on my next shopping trip. Thanks for the heads-up!
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    The Garden Burger products are all good. Try the Meat Loaf, it is wonderful. The Sweet and Sour Pork is good over a baked potato also. You are correct about the Hot Wings being high in points, but I save up points and have them with a lite beer while watching football. What a great treat.

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    If you cut up the hot wings, they are wonderful in a salad with lite ranch dressing! It tastes like a "splurg" meal!

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    I found these at my local Walmart. I bought the sweet and sour pork and country fried steak. I tried the pork over rice and it was great for 5 points. I'm gonna try it over a baked potato as someone suggested. Tonight I might try the country fried steak with some potatoes and a veggie. Along with a salad sounds like a nice dinner to me.

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    I found two other garden burger products that are quite good. Herb crusted cutlet that taste like italian breaded pork cutlet and crispy nuggets that kind of taste like the italian rice balls that my Aunt used to make. I like most all the garden burger products.

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    Another vote for Gardenburger products! Love 'em, love 'em!
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    I had the Country Fried Steak last night for dinned and I think I found a new favorite. It was quite tastey and filling. There was a coupon in the paper yesterday and I'm going back for more. I don't usually eat frozen dinners but I like to keep them on hand for when I'm in a "I don't feel like cooking mood"

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