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    Loggerlady Guest


    Well my DH and I moved to Germany about 2 months ago and alot of the restaurants we go to serve this. Its really yummy and quite point friendly when making it at home. As well as being a very fast meal!

    Fry up some lunchmeat ham (enough for 2 slices of toast) - 1 pt

    Toast 2 pieces of bread - 1 pt

    Put the ham on the toast, place 1 slice of pineapple on each - 1 pt

    And then cover with 1 slice of cheese on each - 2 pts

    Microwave until cheese melts and then enjoy a nice 5 pt meal!

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    deedon63 Guest

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    This is SO YUMMY!!! I used to eat pineapple & cheese sandwiches as a child - I know it's weired, but they are so good!

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    Might have to wait to try it till next week but wow it looks sweet.

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    gonna bump this dh might even like it!

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    This sounds really good, I love quick and easy meals. Thanks for sharing.

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    still dying to try this...

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