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Thread: To Die For Roast

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    Default Re: To Die For Roast

    This sounds insanely high in sodium...and thus it's probably heavenly. I'll have to try it.
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    Default Re: To Die For Roast

    Darkesnow: You said it- high sodium is a lot of the reason this recipe is delicious. I can cut down on calories, fat, and sweets, but I pray that I never have to cut down on salt!
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    Really want to try this- got all the ingredients, but there was no ranch dressing mix at my store. It's raining and I need to use this meat tonight- can't really shlep around to find the ranch mix. Any ideas of what else I can use in its place? In the alternative, any other beef roast recipes for the CP? Thanks!

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    I just had to add my own reviews of this recipe. I made it for my visiting family for dinner tonight and they LOVED it! My mom even asked me for the recipe. Definitely a keeper and a winner!!

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    I made this Saturday and used a Pork Roast and Added chopped up Potatoes and Carrots. My family loved it. Even my husband who is not a fan of Crockpots.

    Thanks for the recipe.... I think I may try it in the future with chicken too.... like suggested

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    Ok. I tried this one last nite and I have to tell ya this is absolutely THE best I've ever done. Compliments and great thanks. Definitely will be on my list!!!!:bcbsalute

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    My DH made this last week and I got to have some leftovers this weekend. This is VERY GOOD! Super easy--he put some baby carrots and cubed sweet potato in with it while it cooked. We will definately be making this again, maybe for company!

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    Default Re: To Die For Roast crockpot here but I do use a pressure cooker.

    Since I'm hearing about all the sodium, and with a pressure cooker you do need liquid. Do you all think I'm ok keeping the ingredients the same but increasing the water to say 3-4 cups?

    This sounds great and I think I'd like to try it with chicken and pork too.
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    Default Re: To Die For Roast

    Bumping this up - made it the other night and it was quite tasty!

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    Ok i'm trying this recipe with 6 chicken thighs and used chicken gravey instead...i also added some vegetables. I figured that all the envelope ingredients added to be 5pts and the chicken thighs which was 1.41 lbs came to 21pts altogether 26pts/6 servings = about 4.5pts per thigh. I will keep everyone updated how it turns out should be done as soon as i get home from work.

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    Post Re: To Die For Roast

    The chicken actually tastes pretty good. Thanks for this easy recipe!

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    That roast with the gravy sounds heavenly...I usually just put my roast in the CP, top it with a package of onion soup mix and cook on low for 8-10 hours...comes out soooo moist...when I told my DMIL to make it this way, she kept asking me, "are you sure no liquid in there?!" And now she won't make it any other way - she calls it Debbie's roast!!
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    I made this recipe over the weekend. While the meat was certainly fork-splitting tender, the saltiness pretty much overwhelmed me. I added at least another cup or two of water a few hours before it was ready to be served. I just can't take the salty flavor anymore. I even used a low-sodium gravy mix.
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    Yum. I made this yesterday with lower sodium brown gravy and it was way yummy. With about 2 hours to go, I added red potatoes, carrots, and baby portobellos -- I don't like my veggies soggy and it turned out great. DPartner, a pot roast connoisseur, said it was as good or better than any oven roast her mama makes.

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    Default Re: To Die For Roast

    bump sounds good

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    Mmmm.. Made this today.

    THe roast was still frozen when i put it in. Cooked on low for 8 hours. High for 2 hours (in the middle). Added in potatoes, celery, carrots and onions.

    I used the full packet of the brown gravy and only half a packet of the good seasons and ranch (as my family doesn't like stuff too spicy, and people said it was a little salty). The gravy came out PERFECTLY! Nice and brown, flavored but not too spicy. The meat was simply shredding! Great Recipe!
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    Trying this today so I will let you know how it turns out. I saw this recipe on recipezaar and many people said they rubbed the meat down with the spices first then sprinkled the rest. Since there were not instructions on what to do with all the ingredients and such, I just did that. I did add more water to cut out some of the saltiness of the seasonings.
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    I made this yesterday and DB and I loved it! He said it's a keeper!

    I put cut up potatoes, celery, onions and carrots on the bottom then covered with the roast. I took out some of the liquid at the end and thickened it up with cornstarch on the stove.

    Great recipe!!
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    So good! Thank you!

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    Okay!! Made this last night!! and it is to die for! I actually brought left overs for lunch today. I added 2 cups of water and I did not think it was too salty. I also added onion and potatoes.. My whole family loved it.

    this one is a keeper!!

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    Default Re: To Die For Roast

    Time for a bump - making this delish dish for tonight.

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    I made this yesterday ... and for some reason, had to cook it on high in order to get the meat tender. I didn't have to do that before. but the meat was wonderful, and I used a little bag of baby yukon gold potatoes (Giant Eagle had them on sale), along with some baby carrots and some onions ... fantastic! Great sauce and a big hit with all!
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    I cooked this tonight and it was yummy. I used the following substitutions:

    4 lb Pork Tenderloin Half (marinated in onions/garlic - purchased at Costco)

    1 packet of pork gravy mix (couldn't find a low sodium one)

    10 oz water
    1.5 lbs of red potatoes, cut into even pieces

    1 Large onion, large chopped

    3/4 lb Carrots (3 Large), large chopped

    After cooking, I seperated the pork loin and veggies from the sauce and thickened it with cornstarch on the stove to make a yummy gravy. DH LOVED it!!!

    I ran it thru mastercook and it came out at 9 pts per serving for 8 servings. It didn't seem like it would be that filling from looking at it, but it was very satisfying. It was on the salty side though, so I would definitely recommend using a low-sodium gravy packet if you can find one. I'll definitely be making this one again!

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    I'm going to make this tomorrow. Sounds simply wonderful! I want to add carrots, onion and potatoes. Should I cook the veggies and potatoes all day with the roast? Will they turn into mush? Or should I add them a few hours before it's done?

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    Default Re: To Die For Roast

    It depends on your slow cooker. A lot of slow cookers make the veggies turn out mushy if they are cooked all day with the roast. I have and All-Clad one and it doesn't do that. I don't know how it would turn out if you added the veggies a few hours before the roast is done (would they cook all the way through?). I do know that it adds at least a half an hour to the cooking time if you take the lid off.

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