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Thread: Chicken & Dumplings

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    I made this yesterday too, while i had my kids at soccer practice.

    It turned out YUMMY! i put 6 half breasts in my crock pot tho .. and it's just too small for that and it was bubbling over after i had the dumplings in there cooking! I should have stuck with just 4. I added in about 3 stalks of celery sliced, a handfull of baby carrots, and an onion sliced up, instead of diced.

    I used one can of the lowfat Cream of Celery soup, and one of the lowfat Cream of chicken .. and added the chicken broth instead of water. I also threw in poultry seasoning. My DH was "ok" with it, two of my three kids loved it. He's outvoted! Grinning.
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    Which refrigerated biscuits? The small ones that are 3 for 150 calories to a serving? This would seem to call for caution, as some refrigerated biscuits are close to 200 calories or more EACH, whereas the smaller ones (Pillsbury in the skinny blue can, for example) are more like 50 each. The smaller ones may be the only ones that are a 10-oz package, though...

    I'm definitely going to be trying this! Sounds wonderful.

    Keri C
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    Oh my gosh was this good! I used the 4 chicken breasts and added carrots, small new potatoes, green beans and a few peas. My DH loved it too and we have enough left for some fast dinners this week. This is something we'll definitely have again! And very quick & easy to make.
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    bumping up
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    I just need to add that I made this today and it is delish! I added a packet of onion soup mix and a bag of frozen mixed veggies. Plus I used one can of cream of chicken and one of cream of mushroom (it was all I had) and I adore it. I just emailed it to my brother and mother. Thanks for posting and sharing.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I used 5 boneless skinless thighs because they were cheaper at the grocery store.

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    another favorite in my household! I add the carrots! I actually had to throw out the leftovers last time because it was oo good I wanted to eat it all! It's in the crockpot as we speak!
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    Default Re: Chicken & Dumplings

    bump...had to search for it again, lost my printout! Great Recipe, I'm making for a potluck tomorrow!
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    Another thumbs up. The fam really enjoyed it. I added a can of carrots and some frozen corn and peas. Dh liked it more than my moms. Wow.

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    Excellent recipe! Thanks for sharing. We loved it!

    Christine :bcbsalute
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    I was very skeptical because I thought the biscuits wouldn't cook in that amount of time, expected them to be doughy BUT
    this was WONDERFUL and will be making a lot more.
    Thanks for recipe.

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    This sounds yummy. I cannot wait to try it!

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    I loved this recipe but my husband didn't care for it but he doesn't really like chicken and dumplings.



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    Bumping for the girls on the 30s boards...rave reviews for this recipe.
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    I made this again last Sunday and its been perfect everytime. And it warms up great for leftovers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yaz
    Say 8 servings but there is 4 chicken breasts?????
    I have made a stovetop version of this for years and I always shredded or chopped the chicken. So, yes, it would easily make that many servings.

    My stovetop version also had a large can of veg-all chunky added in, which is good, but the potatoes would add points. I've also used peas/carrots.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe... I hadn't thought of it as being low-points, nor had I tried it in the crockpot! It's going on my menu planning list!

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    Delicious meal! Thanks for the recipe!

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    Must be good, the threads been alive for 4 years LOL. I will def put carrots in mine and I love the reduced fat wheat grands buiscuts. Thanks for the tip!

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    I made this yesterday for the first time and everyone loved it! I didn't get to put any onions in it because DH hates them, but it was still VERY tasty! I definitely recommend this one!
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    Default Re: Chicken & Dumplings

    I am eating this as i type! LOOOOVE it! If you like chicken and dumplins you will love this recipe! I do not really like big chunks of onion so i used the lipton onion soup instead and it really is yummy!
    ~ Janna ~

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    I have fixed these Chicken and Dumplings a couple of times since I have been on WW and they are wonderful. Another family favorite!


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    Default Re: Chicken & Dumplings

    This sounds great and is going on my menu for this week.
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    Made this for supper tonight, and it was great!!

    I used the onion soup mix that someone suggested, and added a can of peas and carrots for my veggies. It was a big hit with the whole family, and perfect for this snowy day!


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    I'm definitely giving this a try! I just wish I had a snowy day to go with it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raidermom View Post
    Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings

    Serving Size: 8

    Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
    -------- ------------ --------------------------------
    4 chicken breasts, no skin, no bone, R-T-C
    2 cans cream of chicken soup, condensed -- (10.75 ounce)
    1 onion -- finely diced
    1 package refrigerated biscuits -- (10 ounce) torn into pieces

    Place the chicken, soup, and onion in a slow cooker, and fill with enough water to cover. Cover the slow cooker, and cook for 5 to 6 hours on High.
    Tear each biscuit into 8 pieces or so. About 30 minutes before serving, place the torn biscuit dough in the slow cooker. Cook until the dough is no longer raw in the center.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Per serving: 215 Calories (kcal); 7g Total Fat; trace dietary fiber (31% calories from fat); 28g Protein; 7g Carbohydrate; 77mg Cholesterol; 598mg Sodium

    Also, I don't happen to have the nutritional information for the 98% FF soup, so the points for this are for the regular cream soup.
    Does anyone have the points value once you add the veggies and use the 98% FF soups?? Just a question.

    Another question...if it is for 8 servings..does this break down to about 8 cups? Just wanting to be real "fair" on my points.

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    Default Re: Chicken & Dumplings

    Lesa --

    If I figured correctly, it would be 5 pts. per serving, and a serving is closer to 1 1/2 cups. Someone may want to double check me on that, because sometimes I'm not real sure about my figures!


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