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Thread: Crockpots and Dry Chicken

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    I have been reading on different web sites complaints about chicken turning out dry when cooked in the crockpot. JoAnna Lund (cookbook author) commented that many of the old crock pots cook a lot hotter on low than we think. Unless you have a newer crockpot that controls the temp. better, you just have to experiment with the cooking time. Someone even suggested using a timer to have the crock pot start later in the day, for those that work. This may not be a good idea in the summer months with hot weather and leaving meat sitting in the crock pot.

    There doesn't seem to be a solution other than either experiment with the cooking times of your unit or buy a newer model that controls the temperature better.
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    I've found that in receipes which call for bonless, skinless breasts that I have better luck if I use them still frozen. There is more than enough time for them to be cooked through, which is the problem which makes thawed chicken dry. I discovered that using a receipe which was posted here last summer, EZ Crockpot Chicken. The end result was wonderful and definitely cooked, though not dried out. Give it a shot, I think you'll be pleased with the outcome.
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