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    I fixed this Saturday and it was very good. My DH is already asking for a repeat! I also added 3 TBSP of corn meal.

    Thanks for giving this recipe.

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    Tonight I have a single serving from the freezer and decided to add 1/2 cup of black beans to the mixture--it was wonderful and makes a huge serving for a total of 7 points.
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    I finally tried this and all I can say is WOW! So easy and delicious. I added a can of small white beans (additional 3 points) and a small can of tomato sauce (0) along with some FRank's hot sauce. So filling and yummy!! I'd definitley make this one again!!!
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    I made this too. I couldn't find 'mexican corn' (don't think we have it in Canada)...and I'm not much of a corn person in Chile.

    So, I omitted the corn - I diced up 1/2 green pepper and 1/2 red pepper in it's place.

    It was delicious! I'll be making this again.
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    This is definetly a keeper in my house!! We have had it once a week since I started making it. SO easy and SO good. Thank you for posting it!!- Kim

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    I made this tonight for dinner. It was a delicious success. Thanks for another great recipe.


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    I've just received a slow cooker for a gift, and can't wait to try it out. Already had plans for tonites tea, but are baking spuds and carrots in it...hope they turn out ok!

    Do you have to use cornmeal, can you substitute cornflour instead? No one in my family will eat it if I use cornmeal to thicken.

    Thanks in advance [img]graemlins/bcbsalute.gif[/img]
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    LOL! When I got home, DH had arrived ahead of me. He was coming out the front door with his tongue hanging out, stating, "It's BRUTAL in there!" As soon as I opened up the front door, I knew what he meant - the smell was heavenly!

    I made this pretty much according to the recipe with the following exceptions: I cut up the beef last night, put it in a Ziploc bag, and sprinkled in an envelope of dry onion soup mix. (I did this before knowing WHAT I was going to make, for sure - I had thought crockpot stroganoff, originally.) I used the Zesty Tomatoes (that are canned with green chilies) instead of just diced tomatoes. I was, sadly, out of oregano, so I used dried cilantro in its place. Otherwise I did what the recipe said, subbing the 3 tablespoons of cornmeal at the end as Dawna suggested.

    Well, this is very tasty indeed, albeit a little mild for our palates - we're used to some pretty spicy stuff! I had to give my own serving a few shots of Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Next time I'll use a small can of diced jalapenos in addition to the mild green chilies, and may omit the canned corn, as neither DH nor I is overly fond of it.

    I served this alongside some sliced, panfried green chile and cilantro flavored polenta and had some nice homegrown sliced tomatoes with my own Balsamic Reduction over them. All in all I'd say it was worthy of a repeat!

    So thanks again, Dawna, this one with a couple modifications to suit our own tastes is a definite KEEPER! [img]graemlins/thumbup.gif[/img]


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    Well, with all these outstanding raves, I must try this recipe this week!!! I love using my crock pot(I just got a new one that let's me choose how long to cook 4,6,8,or 10hrs. before it turns to warm) really nice. It makes things easier for dinner when I come home from school. Thanks for the great recipe. I'll let you know how the family likes it.

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    Sounds great!! [img]graemlins/thumbup.gif[/img] Can't wait to try it! Now if it would just get a little cooler outside!! Was in the 90's today!! :eek: I want fall weather now!

    Have a great OP day!

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    Just a note on this one as an alternative cooking method!

    I had a beautiful hunk of London broil (top round) yesterday, but it was too late to start it in the crockpot for this recipe - so I got out my trusty 8 quart pressure cooker and did it in THERE!

    I was rather surprised at how WELL it turned out - I mean, I figured the meat would be tender, but what didn't occur to me beforehand is that it would be totally permeated with the spices in this sauce. Usually to me this kind of stuff is better the next day, after the flavors have a chance to blend, but it was absolutely delicious and tender to boot!

    So if you're in a hurry for this for supper and you have a pressure cooker, put it in there on High pressure for 40 minutes, let the pressure drop naturally, and enjoy!


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    Default Re: NAVAJO BEEF & CHILI

    I made this tonight for the second time. It was great both times. Everyone had theirs over rice, I had mine over couscous. I love it and it's CORE! WooHoo!

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    Sounds Delicious! Printing it up, it sounds like a great Autumn Meal!
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    Default Re: NAVAJO BEEF & CHILI


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    Looking for a new recipe- this sounds good. Thought it was funny how many people didn't have cornmeal as a staple. Guess it's a southern thing! Don't use it very often, but it's always here!

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    Default Re: NAVAJO BEEF & CHILI

    Kinda bumping this up. I have made this a couple times and forgot how good it is. I have some homemade polenta that this would be great served over.

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