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Thread: "Baby" crockpot - do you have one?

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    Does anyone have one of the really small crockpots? If so, does it work well?

    For just DH and I, the regular crockpot is just too big. And the instructions always say to have it at least half full. (No, he won't eat leftovers and we don't freeze stuff.)

    So, I was thinking of getting one of those little bitty ones, but don't want to if it is not going to work.

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    Sorry, I've never even seen one. Did not know they even existed!

    I have a huge one that is stainless steel on the outside and has button operation. You can even set the temp. and amount of hours to have it cooking then it shuts to warm automatically.

    It was my Christmas present to myself!

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    Ginny, are you talking about the new one by Rival that you can set for 6,8 or 10 hours, low or high, and then it goes to warm? Do you think meals are better in it than in the standard crockpot? I've been thinking of buying it since I saw it, but my old crockpot still works so I am hesitating to spend the money. Please let me know how you like it as compared to the old ones! Thanks!

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    Hi, Y'all!!

    I have:

    1 quart size - use for queso and other dips. would not work for meals, though.

    3 quart size - use for small meals. This would be a good size for 2 people. Not much left over.

    5 quart programable - use for family meals and large meats. I like this new one because it stops cooking after the specified time, but still keeps the food warm and ready to eat. I think the meat can get mushy if it goes past the cooking time, which can happen with busy families.

    Patricia, I hope this helps. I use mine all the time.

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    Well, after I posted yesterday, I went home to find a big surprise on my table!! Yes!! My DH bought me the new Rival programable crockpot!! It is beautiful!! Its a 6 quart size. Now, I need to get to the grocery store to get ingredients for all the recipes I want to try in it!! Yippee!!

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    I got one these from MIL for Christmas. It is just fine for 2 people. I've done BBQ beef or pork, boned skinless chicken breasts in various sauces and it works fine. I like the small size because there are no leftovers. It comes with a recipe book (small one) that gives you ideas on how to use it. It does work well!


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    I just purchased a 1 1/2 qt crockpot this past Saturday at Super K-Mart. I haven't used it yet but I think for just myself it will be a lot better than the 3 1/2 qt one I have!!

    It only has one setting (which is the LOW on the bigger ones) but I don't have a problem with that. It also has a removeable crock lining that will be something as the other one doesn't.

    CAn't wait to try it!!
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    I have a little crock pot...its called crock pot little dipper. There are no settings on it, you just plug it in. I think it would be good for dips or hot drinks. I only used it to make coctail wieners around christmas and they were really good.

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    I've got the little dipper and have only used it for dips....but it seemed to get pretty hot like it was cooking on hi---I've never tried to "cook" in it though

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    I have a little one too. It has no settings and you just plug it in. I cook chicken with the reduced fat soups and other stuff added. It does get pretty hot though, and the edges seem to get brown. Actually it is a great size for DH and I, so I will contine to use it. Hope this helps you to decide. Blessings Jane
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    Smile Re: "Baby" crockpot - do you have one?

    I have one and I use it for my rice pudding. Have also used it for baked potatoes. Just 2 of us also.
    Mary Ann

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    I have a little one too. I have no idea what size. I would venture to guess 2 quart. It is perfect for me. It has low, high and warm on it. I made soup yesterday and it was the right amount with the right amount of left overs. I love mine.
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    target has a 1 1/2 qt. one that comes out so you can clean it ,, I do oatmeal 2 servings in the 1 1/2 qt.... Mine doesn't ome out though,but if I bought a new one would get one that I can soak...
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    I just bought a 1.5 quart yesterday from Dollar General for $10. I figured if I halved the recipes here, it would make a perfect size meal for my bf and me. I'm a little weary of trying it though, and think I won't leave it unattended the first time I try it out.

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    I have a small one too and I went to make the whole chicken with the foil balls in it and had to literally stuff the chicken in!!! It came out great tho!!! The meat fell off the bones. Perfect for ones or twos!!!
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