I got this from my ww leader so I don't know whose recipe it really is. If anyone knows let me know.
1 lb. ground turkey
1 large chopped onion

Cook the above and drain. Then add the following:

1 pkg. Hidden Valley Ranch Mix
1 pkg. Taco Mix
1 can pinto beans (I bought store brand)
1 can hot chili beans (store brand again, but had a hard time finding them. I kept seeing hot chili with beans and not just chili beans)
1 can whole kernal corn (I left this out since I hate corn in things, I only like it by itself)
1 can stewed tomatoes Mexican style
1 can stewed tomatoes original style

I mashed the tomatoes with my hands. Then you simmer for one hour. 1 cup = 2 points. I added a little water (1/2 cup or less) to mine b/c it was so thick, probably from not adding the corn. Make sure you pour all the contents of the can for everything. I put mine in a crock pot for a few hours. It was really good even my hubby liked it. My batch made 8 servings.

223.2/186.7/110 WW/106 personal