It's Tourtiere time, the traditional meat pie served in French-Canadian households on Christmas Eve. I checked the nutritional count on the frozen tourtiere, and a not-so-hearty serving had 440 calories, and 28 grams of fat! Eeek!

So I did a little playing, and came up with this - it doesn't have the double pie crust of the original, but the numbers are so much better!

Saute two small onions, chopped, and five cloves of chopped garlic in a non-stick pan. Add one can of beef broth (important to recreate the traditional flavours of beef, pork & veal), 1 can of water, 1 T herbes de Provence, a pinch of dried sage and a few grindings of pepper. Heat till boiling, then add: 1/2 c. bulgar & 1 c. TVP granules. Turn the heat off, cover, and let rehydrate. Then, turn the heat back on to Low and stirfry till the mixture is dried out. Turn into a deep-dish pie plate and bake at 350 until the top is browned. Serve with mashed potatoes, kethcup or chow-chow, and steamed veggies.

The numbers are: 2 points for the bulgur, 3 points for the TVP & 1 for the onion. The recipe serves 2-3 volume eaters. My next experiment is to make the Pizza crust and bake this as a more traditional pie.