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Thread: almost like Chili`s !

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    dachshundtales Guest


    I am made these tonight. very simalar to the quasidilla at Chili`s

    1 lg.ff. tortilla = 2 pt.
    *1/2 giant cr.spinach = 2 pts.
    3 pc. of artichoke hearts = 1 pt.
    1/4c. LF mozzerella cheese = 2pts.
    1/4 of an onion or less.
    a little garlic minced
    total of 7 pts

    Ok Changes I would make next time b/c there was just sooooo much filling in them! (*I think you could use half the spinach like a 1/4c. making it 6 pts.) Mine spilled out of the tortilla. Chili`s uses 2 tortillas but thats 4 PTS! I like to make it using one and make it like a half moon. I made DH & DFIL one using 2 tortillas and I added parmesan cheese to theirs also. DH liked it better than Chili`s! I served them with Uncle Bens blk bean soup which is 2 pts per 1 c. thought I would share a good one with you buddies. Donna

    I sauted the onion & garlic in pam and put a lid on the skillet so they would cook till soft. I chopped the artichoke hearts up and had them ready to heat after the spinach was done. I cooked the spinach according to the pkg. then I sprayed another skillet and heated it up and put the tortilla on it and then the spinach, onions,artichokes, an LF cheese, flipped the other half of the tortilla over making the cressent shape and lightly browned it then flipped it and browned the other side and slide that baby on a plate! Yummy!

    * this also makes a good dip w/o the onions of course serve with lf chips. yummy. I think mushrooms would be good too.

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    Hi there, [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img] Hey, this sounds good.

    What is it called at Chili's?

    Thank for posting!

    printing out.....

    "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone". - Bill Cosby

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    dachshundtales Guest


    Not real sure what its called at Chili`s I think it may be the vegetarin qusadilla ( DH ordered it and I was busy focusing on what was pt.friendly that I could get.) sorry. Donna

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