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Thread: Portabella Mushrooms

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    Does anyone know if you can freeze these? I managed to pick up about 5-6 of these giant sized mushrooms this past weekend and DH absolutely won't eat them with me. So, I'm wondering if I can freeze them? Do they freeze well? I was thinking that they freeze the mushrooms on a pizza, so why not these? Also, how long do they keep? Had a wonderful sandwich tonight with the portabella, a thick sliced of grilled onion topped off with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese on a 1pt. bun. It was Excellent! All for 2 pts. What a deal!!

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    I have actually used them as a base for my "pizza", just spread on some tomato sauce, add some low fat mortzarella cheese, turkey pepperoni, peppers, the works. It tastes great.

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    I don't know if this helps but...I accidentally froze some button mushrooms in the top of my fridge on vacation last week. I cooked them up anyway and they turned out fine. Portabellos are tougher as well...I say give it a try.

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