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Thread: Char's Eggplant Chick'n Patty Parmigiana

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    Char's Eggplant Chick'n Patty Parmigiana
    Servings: 2
    Points: 3 (may vary according to your ingredients)

    4 round slices unpeeled eggplant, 1" thick
    1 cup FF marinara sauce (I use Trader Joe's 0 Fat Mushroom Marinara)
    2 tablespoons grated Greek Myzithra cheese (you can substitute grated Parmesan or Romano, tally points accordingly)
    4 tablespoons FF shredded mozzarella cheese
    2 soy chick'n patties, such as Boca Spicy Chick'n or Health Valley Farms Breaded Chick'n Patties (I used the HVF today, 2 points each)
    Olive oil flavored cooking spray and garlic salt

    Spray each side of the eggplant slices with olive oil flavored spray and sprinkle with the garlic salt, to taste. Preheat the George Foreman grill 5 minutes. Place eggplant slices on grill and cook 3 minutes (had to do this in 2 batches, my grill was too small for all of them at once!). Meanwhile heat the chick'n patties in the microwave til hot.

    When eggplant is tender, stack on plate: 1 eggplant slice, 1/4 cup marinara, 1 1/2 teaspoons grated Myzithra, 1 chick'n patty, 1 tablespoon Mozzarella, remaining eggplant slice, 1/4 cup marinara, 1 1/2 teaspoons Myzithra and 1 tablespoon of mozzarella. Place in microwave and cook on medium power about 2 minutes or until sauce just begins to bubble and cheese is melting.

    YUM. Next time I may try these with a Boca patty, not chicken-flavored, just a good old 1 point Boca. My original thought was to rehydrate some TVP and use THAT. So, this could lend itself to numerous variations, including the thought that it might be good to replace BOTH kinds of the cheese with some RF feta.

    I really have taken quite a shine to this grill in the short amount of time I've had it!

    I cross-posted this, so it won't get TOO lost!


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    Okay, Charski...I'm trying this! I LOVE the ingredients!! [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img] Carol
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    This sounds really yummy! It will make a great QUICK meal and I'm always looking for those


    Success is a journey not a destination!

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    I tried a version of this last night and man-oh-man! Generous serving & delicious! I used a roasted onion Boca burger (just one point) instead of the chick'n and used low-fat mozzarella & a little parm for the cheese. The whole meal took only about 10 minutes to prepare & cost me only 3 points!!

    This is the life!!

    Thanks, Char!

    Success is a journey not a destination!

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