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    Hi everybuddys......I hope Im in the right section to address this...

    First of all, what is TVP??

    Second...Im not a vegetarian, but have significantly reduced my meat intake. I've recently discovered the whole soy protein section at the grocery and last nite made a soy spachetti sauce that would fool maybe the best culinary expert around! It was incredible and I was amazed that the little wee package I bought made so much volume in my sauce. Beyond spaghetti and perhaps chili, Im at a loss of what else to do with it. Since I cant purchase the boca burger in Canada, I was thinking perhaps a burger patty but since this soy stuff comes cooked and seasoned, it wont stick together. Can this soy protein be frozen?? The package failed to tell me that fact. Is it normally available in 'raw' form, non-seasoned?? Someone out there take pity on this soy protein virgin!!!!! TIA and have an awesome OP week!
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    LIB, check out the Cybergranny's Mess Hall threads - there are several there relating to TVP (texturized vegetable protein, aka TSP, texturized soy protein, same thing!) - you'll get some good ideas that way!


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