Hi everyone!

I've seen several posts re: TVP and soy products. I recently found that I've been enjoying Boca Burgers, and just today bought some TVP to try.

I'd heard mention before that soy was a "no-no" for hypothyroidism, which I have had for about 20 years.

I think I was under the general assumption that it was making non-hypo people appear hypo by affecting thyroid function, but I am starting to re-think this.

I have noticed lately that my short term memory and "brain fog" is very obvious. I don't consume soy products in large quantity. Maybe 1-2 boca's a week, if that.

I decided to do some reading, and this site seems to offer the best information I've found so far, and it's seriously making me re-think my consumption of soy. (Much to my disappoint I might add.)

Here's the link:


I would love to hear what any other input any of you may have! [img]smile.gif[/img]



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35.5 lost! soooooo close to Onederland!