I just experienced an interesting weekend and wanted to share and see if I could get any further suggestions.
I've been camping for the past 3 days with my friend and her family from Texas. They haven't met many vegetarians, and I guess weren't prepared to feed one. Expecting that I would need to supplement my meals, I packed a good ration of trail mix and dried fruit to last me over the past few days.
I was expecting the meals to be some form of meat along with a side dish (potatoes, rice, etc.), however, I was surprised to learn that the ONLY thing planned for each meal was meat.
Burgers for dinner and an egg sausage mix for breakfast. They didn't seem to willing to leave the meat out of their breakfast for me, so I stuck to my cereal and apples... and for dinners I went with a grilled cheese with lettuce and tomatoes.

Ok, so beyond my frustration... any suggestions? I had originally planned (and packed) more entree type foods for myself, but my friend told me we weren't going to have much room beyond a bag a person. I felt a bit rude turning down the food that was made for me.. but COME ON!! this is 2002.. everyone should know that being vegetarian is a common thing now. ARRGHH!! [img]graemlins/ugh.gif[/img]