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    Posted this on wrong bulletin board first time. Was given a recipe for a cabbage/veggie soup that is delicious but cannot understand why it is no points. Can someone explain this? It's made with cabbage, v-8 juice, veggie broth, green beans, carrots, onions and garlic and any other veggies you care to add...thanks [img]graemlins/help.gif[/img]

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    INterestingly i made this soup when i was on a souper soup diet, i believe it has no points b-coz all veggie ingredients count as "zero" points", v8 juice being vegetable juice is zero points. if u have heardabout negative calories, almost all ingredients need more calories to be digested than the calories they contain...but this is according to the negative calorie concept.

    so enjoy yr soup !

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    Cool Re: cabbage soup

    I just wanted to note how old the original post is.. too bad no one could have answered sooner!
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