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Thread: Saucy Potato

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    luvsrabbits Guest


    Here's a really quick, easy and filling meal.

    1 3oz. potato
    1 cup frozen stir fry vegetables
    1 packet cheddar-broccoli Lipton cup-a-soup

    Microwave potato til soft. Slice and smoosh it to open it up like they do at restaurants. Microwave veggies til cooked. Put veggies on top of potato. Meanwhile mix soup packet with 1/2 cup boiling water. Stir til smooth. Pour over potato and veggies.

    2points for the entire potato. Yummy.

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    Luvsrabbits: Thanks for posting this. I love baked potatoes and I love cheesy things, not so crazy about stir-fried vegs, however, this does sound interesting. Quick, fast, my kind of receipe, and only 2pts. Is good.

    But...the potatoe is 2 pts., is the soup 0 pts. or what? I know the veggies are free, but what about the soup?

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    luvsrabbits Guest


    The 2002 Gettin Started book lists 1 cooked 3oz. potato as 1 point. Soup is also 1 Point.. any 0 point veggise will do. I love this after a busy day and not much time to cook.

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    That sounds like a wonderful idea! Thanks for posting!

    God Bless America!!

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    SuzyQ99 Guest


    A 3 oz potato is really only 1 point? That's awesome! I've always counted it for more.

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