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Thread: Vegetarian recipe in this month's WW magazine

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    I read somewhere that there was a great veg recipe (or a section of them) in the Jan. WW magazine. I went looking for it, and it's been pulled from the shelves in the store near me. I'm going to go look at my WW meeting place, but does anyone have it/them? I'd be willing to pay postage if someone would copy them for me!


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    I read there was a great section of WW recipes in the recent (or last month's) Vegetarian Times (?) magazine...Could that be what you are referring to? Just a possibility. Carol
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    Its the January Issue of Vegetarian Times they have an article on WW and being vegetarian with recipes and the points values. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    Yup - you're right. Sorry!

    Sheesh. my mind is just gone. This is like the time I transposed the plot of a romance novel and the storyline of a Garth Brooks song and scoured the bookstore looking for a book about a country rock star, with something about Old Wind in the title.

    I think the bookstore employees were laughing about me for weeks!

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