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    I'm fairly new to vegetarianism and need some great low-fat tofu recipes... anyone got any... please post them... and one more question can you boil tofu to add the flavor?

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    hi there!

    i love cooking with tofu! Here's a web site with some great vegetarian recipes (with and without tofu)

    a great vegetarian cookbook that is so EASY and fun is the "vegetarian 5 ingredient gourmet" by nava atlas. She has some really good ideas for tofu also.

    As far as boiling tofu, I don't think that might be the best way to flavor it. Stir frying it will allow the tofu to absorb the flavours and keep its consistency. I do know of soups with tofu in it, but I don't think the tofu gets boiled, because it would probably break apart!

    hope this helps!

    libraryvamp :rolleyes:

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    Check out and

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