I have been going crazy dehydrating sliced Roma tomatoes for the last three days. Great snack, healthy, tasty, and good source of vitamins....So easy to do with an electric dehydrator.

Get about 10-12 pounds of Roma tomatoes. Wash well, of course.

Slice into 1/4 in slices and put them on your dehydrator trays

Sprinkle with Basil, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and let her rip.

I like these for a Zero point snack. The flavor is intense, quite sweet, and good for the munchies. One pound of tomatoes makes approximately one half of a small baggie of dried slices.

After the weekend I have a big Quart size baggie full of them. Tomatoes are $.50/pound here at the farmer's markets.

Just a chipmunk storing nuts for the winter now! Like this so much, I bought another dehydrator and going to branch out into peach and nectarine slices...Yum...gotta watch the points though!



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