OK, I make these a lot but am not sure of the points, they couldn't be many. These are wonderful and make a nice light dinner or lunch, kids love them too!
Saute red chopped onions in any barbeque sauce till onion is limp. Meanwhile grate carrots, chop brocolli florettes real small and maybe some cauliflower, you can even grate squash. Heat your FF tortilla and layer the veggies, sprinkle on some FF cheddar cheese, and over the top of this spoon on the hot onion BBQ sauce. Sprinkle on a bit of sunflower seeds and roll burrito fashion.
The only thing I count is the tortilla 2 pts., the cheese, maybe a point, the seeds are maybe a 1/2 pt. The whole thing is like 3-4 pt.s depending on your tortilla and they are a taste sensation!

Sometimes I steam the veggies a little bit, either way they are good.