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Thread: Help! Garden is full of cukes!

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    The garden is starting to explode and I was wondering if anyone had any recipes for cucumbers? I like them plain but I'm looking for something new to do with them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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    Perhaps you're familiar with this one, but here goes anyway.

    Shred the cucumbers as thinly as possible. Add a little apple cider vinegar and sugar substitute to taste. Toss to mix. Chill. This makes a wonderful 0 point cucumber salad. My mother used to make it for us when we were kids, but she used real sugar. Trust me, it's just as good with Sweet 'N Low.

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    Go to It's a vegetarian site that has low fat recipes. Go to the searchable recipe archive. When it takes you there, in the upper right hand corner, you can search for the word "cucumber". They will then list all the recipes they have for cukes. Hope this helps.

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    What you could do is cut them very thin and put them and sliced yellow onions in a bowl with water and ice cubes. After 2-3 hours, drain and then mix with some ff sour cream, low fat mayo, dill, vinegar and salt and pepper. Use more sour cream than may and mix. Don't make it too thick. I try to calculate it as being about 2-3 points for a 1/4 which may be generous of me. I hope this helps. I love the stuff.

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    I made a delicious recipe featuring Cukes this week. Ifound it at The recipe is called "Marinated Cucumber & Vidalia Onion Salad. FYI....I substitued red onion and also substituted Garbanzo beans for the kidney beans in the recipe. I figure the points to be 1 per serving. It was simply wonderful as a side dish. It would make a great lunch salad as well.

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    Thanks for all the great ideas everyone! I'm new to alot of this and I think it is great how everyone has such wonderful suggestions. When it comes to food I have a hard time thinking of new ways to prepare things. Thank you!

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    Mine is a combination of a couple of those already mentioned. Half white vinegar and half water, thinly sliced onions, some garlic, some salt, some artificial sweetener of choice, and fill the bowl full of thinly sliced cucumbers. Refrigerate and marinate for a few hours. Ymmmmmm

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    There is a 0 point recipe for Cucumber Tomato Salad in the WW Simply the best book. It was great (and I'm not usually a balsamic vinegar fan)! Off the top of my head I think it was this:

    Shake or stir well:
    3 T balsamic vinegar
    1/2 t salt
    1/2 t sugar
    1/4 t fresh ground black pepper

    1 thinly slice cucumber
    1 thinly sliced tomato
    4 chopped scallions

    Top with vinegar mixture. Serves 4. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    Here is something i made after falling in love with it while traveling Turkey & Greece. called Tzetziki in Greek, and Jejik in Turkish (speilling i am not sure of) - basically Yogurt Cucumber Dip/Dressing.

    Its the stuff they serve with Gyros if made authentically.


    Plain Yogurt
    Shredded Cucumber
    Fresh Herb (Parsley, Mint or Basic (OR ALL)
    Optional: Olive Oil, Lemon

    This recipe has tons of variations...

    Drain yogurt, turn upside down in a colander through a layer of cheese cloth.

    Cucumber - Shred with a cheese grater or mandolin as much or as little as you would like, peeled or unpeeled-- (i use only one for a 16oz tub of yogurt. Also, put the shredded cucumber over a strainer for a couple hours to get some moisture out of it.

    Crush Garlic, 1 or 2 cloves to taste, Chop Herb, Mix with Drained Yogurt and Cucumber.

    Add a teaspoon of olive oil to the mixture, But if you DO NOT use ANY OIL, it is perfectly good and practically fat free.

    Serve with Tomatos, Pita Bread, it is awesome with grilled vegetables and chicken, marinated with lemon juice.

    Let the mixture mellow for a couple hours if you can.

    I love Greek & Turksih Food. If you have not tried this, I highly recomend it.
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