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Thread: Harvey's Veggie Burgers

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    Harvey's is a Canadian McDonald's. They have a veggieburger. Does anyone know the nutritional information of one?



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    On Dotti's website under Restaurants, the veggie burger is listed as 7 points! Personally, I prefer the grilled chicken breast for 6pts...unless you are a vegetarian, then this might not be too bad for you.


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    The Weight Watchers "Canadian Fast Food Guide" lists all of Harvey's food point values and for some other Canadian chains. The Veggie Burger at 7 points is correct. With cheese (my favourite, add an extra point). May be high but worth it if you are an "Cheeseburger Aficionado" like me! Add a garden salad and it's quite filling.

    You may want to pick up a copy of the guide at your next WW meeting.
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