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Thread: Seven Layer Salad

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    Does anyone have a recipe for a good seven layer salad?? I need to take it to a party next week.



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    Layer in the following order in what ever amount will fill your bowl:
    Shredded or chopped Lettuce
    Mushrooms sliced
    Bell Pepper chopped
    Celery Chopped
    1-2 Boiled Eggs diced
    Fat Free Mayo/Salad Dressing mixed with
    sweetner to taste
    Spead on top of salad
    Bacon Bits (low fat) sprinkled sparingly on top.
    I change up according to my taste for the day. I also drain green peas and add as a layer or ff parm. cheese.
    This is very low in pts. but you have to refigure according to ingredients.

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