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Thread: frittata--two or three points for huge serve

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    My mother told me this recipe. It's great for supper when you've had most of your points early in the day and are still hungry!Very easy too!

    Chop up whatever veges you've got. The more colourful the better. I use peppers (capsicum), yellow squash, greens, carrots, onions, zucchini, mushrooms..fresh herbs like basil and dill are good too.
    Stir fry it all in a big wok or frypan, using spray oil. Put the harder veges in first so they cook a bit longer.

    Lightly beat 4 or 6 eggs with a tablespoon of water and some fresh ground pepper, then tip the egg mixture over the cooked veges, put the lid on a turn the heat to low.
    Have a look every few minutes and use a spatula or egg slice to move the cooked egg away from the edge of the pan and allow the uncooked egg to run in. It's cooked in less than 10 mintes, when it looks firm.
    Cut it up and serve in huge satisfying slabs.
    Depending how many eggs you used, its 4 or 6 points for the whole thing, you probably won't be able to eat half (ie only 2 or 3 points worth)!


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    Hi Starshine,

    the recipe calls out 4 to 6 eggs. One egg=2 points, so this is more like 8 to 12 points for the whole thing. Did you mean to say egg whites?

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    I made one similar to this just this morning using egg whites. Quite good!!!

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