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Thread: Delicious mexican sandwich

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    I made these sandwiches for lunch yesterday. My husband who is not OP, LOVED it so much he could'nt believe it was almost completely fat free.


    1 Whole wheat pita pocket (2 points)
    (I couldnt find a LITE pita pocket)

    1/2 cup of fat free refried beans(1 point)

    1 cup or more to taste mixed salad greens (0 points)

    1/4 cup FF cheddar (1 point)

    1/2 cup salsa

    Chopped onions

    Place the beans in a microwave safe bowl, top with the cheese and nuke for about 45 seconds to 1 minute.
    Spoon into a toasted pit round. in a small bowl toss the salsa into the salad greens, add onion, stuff in the pite.

    Delicious, and so satisfying!

    4 POINTS!
    Possible 3 if you can find LITE pita bread.

    Amy in FL

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    Sounds yummy! Thanks

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