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    3 Red Peppers ***peeled*** and chopped
    1 onion chopped
    2 cloves garlic chopped
    sprinkle of chili powder
    1 can chicken or beef broth (use water for vegetarian version)
    salt & pepper to taste

    Directions: Cook onion and garlic in a bit of PAM spray until tender (about 4 minutes). Add red peppers and broth, simmer for 30 minutes. Puree in blender and season.

    I just can't stress enough that you need to peel the red peppers first, or else you get little bits of skin stuck in your teeth. (ick)

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    Hi Saar,
    Since I LOVE red peppers & all their vit C, your soup will b a must make, & I'm certain enjoyed, mid-wk.
    Thank you!

    PS: Glad u specified peeling the peppers because I wouldn't have.

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    Sara, do you roast the peppers first to make them easier to peel? I think I'll try that....
    What a delicious sounding recipe, thanks!

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    Or use vegetable broth instead of water...

    Also, if you have a gas stove, hold the peppers directly over the flame (with tongs, silly) until the skin is blackened. Put the pepper in a large ziplock bag, let it steam in there for a few minutes. After this, the skin sloughs right off.

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    Great recipe thanks. I learnt the hard way how to peel peppers. I was making a soup which said it was 20 mins preparation time. An hour later I was still trying to peel the peppers! Some one also suggested to blanche them quickly in boiling water, the same way you do with tomatoes to make the skins split. Haven't got the courage up again to try this suggestion tho.

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