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    Read the thread about TVP. I have used the Morningstar crumbles for chili and the this the same thing? Where can you purchase TVP, I would love to give it a try. The Morningstar crumbles are really good (I actually prefer it over any type of ground meat or poultry) but it is pretty expensive stuff. In my area Morningstar Crumbles are close to $6 for twelve ounces.

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    Many natural food stores carry these, I buy mine on line for the time being because I'm in a very small town. Do a quick search on Google and you'll come up with loads of ideas! It is dehydrated and used the same as ground beef in recipes. I can't be without it!

    Here is the place I buy it now, it's good and inexpensive. (For some reason the board isn't letting me put a link on.. )
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    Thanks for the info...I'm going to check it out!
    I love the Morningstar crumbles...hope it's pretty much the same stuff...that would be great!


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