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Celebrating Soy!

Three tofu recipes from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks At Home:
one soup, one main dish, and one side. I've made the soup and
the dip; I haven't made these exact burritos, but I've made
something similar.

NOTE: The nutritional info in this book doesn't give fiber, so I've
calculated points with just fat and calories. The actual points are
probably lower, but I haven't run these through MasterCook.

1.5 points per 2 oz. serving (about 4 tablespoons)
Makes 2 cups

1 ripe Haas avocado (the small pebbly kind)
1 block soft silken tofu, about 10 oz. (one box shelf-stable tofu)
5 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 small garlic cloves
1/2 teaspoon salt
Tabasco or other hot pepper sauce to taste
2 tablespoons fresh parsley leaves (optional)

Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, and scoop out the flesh.
Place the flesh in a blender or food processor bowl, and crumble in
the tofu.
Add the rest of the ingredients and process until smooth and
You may need to add a tablespoon or two of water if it is too stiff.
Taste and adjust salt or hot sauce if needed.
Serve chilled or at room temperature. Mockamole will keep in the
refrigerator, covered, for 2 or 3 days. To prevent discoloration,
make an airtight seal with plastic wrap lightly pressed onto the
surface of the mockamole.

56 calories, 2.8 grams protein, 4.4 grams fat, 2.8 grams
carbohydrate, 119 mg sodium, 0 mg cholesterol. NO FIBER INFO

4 to 6 servings; 2 pts per 1-cup serving

4 dried shiitake mushrooms
1 cup boiling water
6 cups vegetable broth (or 2 veg. bouillon cubes dissolved in 6 c.
1.5 tablespoons grated fresh ginger
1.5 cups thinly sliced carrot rounds
1.5 cups thinly sliced leeks or onions
2 cups chopped Chinese cabbage, bok choy, or kale
4 cups firmly packed rinsed, chopped fresh spinach
1 cake firm tofu, cut into 1/2 inch cubes
salt to taste
chopped scallions
several drops dark sesame oil (optional)

Place the shiitake mushrooms in a heatproof bowl, cover with the
boiling water, and set aside for about 10 minutes.
Heat the stock or bouillon & water in a large soup pot. When it
comes to a boil, add the ginger, carrots, leeks or onions, and
Chinese cabbage or other greens (NOT THE SPINACH). Lower the
heat and simmer for about 10 minutes until the vegetables are
Drain the shiitake and add the strained soaking liquid to the soup.
Stem the mushrooms and thinly slice the caps, stirring them into
the soup along with the spinach and tofu. Cook for 5 minutes. Ad
salt to taste.
Serve garnished with scallions and sesame oil, if desired.

Note: If you're not going to serve this right away, hold off on
adding the spinach until you're ready to serve.

89 calories, 4.7 grams protein, 2.6 grams fat, 13.1 grams
carbohydrate, 61 mg sodium, 0 mg cholesterol. NO FIBER INFO

Makes 6; 8.5 points per burrito (no fiber calculated)

3 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 garlic cloves, minced or pressed
1 fresh chile, minced, or 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. cayenne
2 medium onions, finely chopped
1 red or green bell pepper, diced
2 teaspoons paprika
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 cup fresh or frozen corn kernels
2 cakes firm tofu, drained and crumbled or mashed
1/4 cup tomato paste
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1/4 cup chopped green olives (optional)
salt and pepper to taste
6 wheat 10-inch tortillas

Heat the oil in a large skillet and saute the garlic, chile or cayenne,
and onions for a minute or two. Stir in the bell peppers and
continue to saute on medium heat. When the onions begin to
soften, add the paprika, cumin, coriander, oregano, corn, and
crumbled tofu. Continue to saute.
Preheat the oven to 350.
When the vegetables are tender, mix in the tomato paste, soy
sauce, and olives if using. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Lightly oil a baking pan or shallow casserole dish. Fill each tortilla
with about 3/4 cup of the tofu-vegetable filling and roll the tortilla
up. Place the burritos in the oiled pan, cover tightly with aluminum
foil, and bake for 20 minutes. Serve topped with salsa if desired.

Note: filling is also good on rice without tortillas, or add beans for
chili. The filling will keep, covered tightly in the refrigerator, for 2
to 3 days.

338 calories, 17.8 grams fat, 32.9 grams carbohydrate, 578 mg.
sodium, 0 mg cholesterol NO FIBER INFO
266.8/264/240 (10%)
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