From Audrey

Yummy Hummus Sandwiches

I tried a varation of these as take out from a health food store.
Very yummy & filling, & I thought that even I, the cooking
challenged could do this .

Two slices of toasted healthy bread (Any kind of your favorite will
do, but no plain white wonderbread please ). Split the serving of
hummus in half(I use 2-3 tablespoons) and spread on both slices.
Add minced carrots (I think that what you call them, they go in the
food processor, and I stop before they are liquid), alfala (or any
other type) of sprouts, and slices of tomatoes.

Points will vary on the bread used, and the quantity of the hummus.
(The veggies are all free!).

Added bonus: Vegetarian meals do not attract the attention of the
resident felines, so you get to eat the entire thing alone!