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Thread: Mock Potato Soup

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    1 large head califlower
    1 thick leek or large, Spanish onion (I use the onion)
    Salt, pepper to taste
    Bouillon to taste
    Water to cover

    Cook all ingredients until veggies are soft. Cool. Puree veggies and return to liguid.

    I found this in a book by a WW leader, Rosalie Kaufman. She notes that this soup can be eaten in unlimited portions (like the garden soup). "Its a creamy, white broth and after 2 days it almost passes for potato soup."

    She also says it can be dressed up with Parmesan cheese on top or croutons (account for points). This is a really good soup.

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    a recipe with no need for us/uk translation thank you thank you

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    No problemo nutty I really like this soup and hope you do too

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