This is a OLD WW recipe that is from the year 2000 WW point system plan.
You'll have to tweak it to your plan. ENJOY!!!

WW Cheeseburger Pie Make 6 servings
6 points per serving

2 cups cooked rice
8 oz. cooked hamburger
1/2 onion-chopped semi-fine
1/2 green pepper-chopped semi-fine
4 oz. shredded cheddar cheese
1 small can tomato sauce
1 tsp. each of chili powder & garlic powder
1 pk. sweet and low or splenda
1 beef boullion cube

Mix all above ingredients except 1 oz. of cheese and place in 8 x 8 pan sprayed with Pam.
Sprinkle remaining cheese on top and bake 20 -25 minutes at 350.