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Thread: KimChee???

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    Hi Buddies,

    Can someone please tell us "hicks from the sticks" what KimChee is? I don't think we've got it in Vermont. If we do, I certainly don't know where to start looking for it (or if I want to!!)

    It sounds very interesting and if I had to guess I would say it is some type of sea-weedy product. Am I right? Or is it of the cabbage family?? Okay, enough guessing...someone please tell me.


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    I believe KimChee is in the cabbage family... seems to be just marinated cabbage. I tried it when someone from work brought it in from a Japanese restaurant. It was spicy and tasted like it was made with vinegar.

    I saw it in the produce section of the grocery store by the tofu and wonton wraps, but didn't buy it becasue I just wasn't sure if there was oil in it or not.

    Hopefully Char can elighten us!

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    Hi buddies!

    Yes, Kimchee is made with cabbage- -usually napa cabbage, the type that is a more elongated, "frilly" green than the regular cabbage we're used to. It also has seasonings and vinegar, garlic, hot peppers...actually it can vary quite a bit. You can get it mild, hot, extra hot (my choice) and it does "mellow out" when it is cooked.

    Look for it in the produce section, what I got today is King's KimChee (marinated cabbage) and comes in a 15 oz. glass jar with a metal lid.

    Nutritional info, per serving (1 ounce):

    5 calories, 0 fat, <1g fiber. 0 points!

    I always laugh too when I read the label, which cautions, "Open slowly, do not shake! Due to natural fermentation, contents may overflow" and yes, I've had that happen!

    Many people find it not at all agreeable, including my DH, until I cooked it for him. I like it either straight from the jar or cooked.

    Give it a try and see what you think!


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    Denise02 Guest


    My opinion,


    It is kinda like saurcraut (sp) but a whole lot spicer. I have had it at a Korean restaurant. They serve it with sticky rice.

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    KimChee is a Korean cabbage dish that can be very HOT!!!! In Korea they make it and place it in clay pots and bury it so that it ferments and becomes very spicey hot and pundgent.

    My son's are Korean born and they love it. I have never really aquired a taste for it. They also love Bulgogi. That is a special sweetened Beef with sesame seeds dish that is made for special occasions.
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    Thanks so much for all the information. I love sauerkraut and really like hot spicy foods so I bet I'd like this. I will definitely be on the look-out for some. Probably I will have to wait until I visit DD in the greater Boston area to find it! We just are not very diverse up here in northern Vt.

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