Hiyo! I found some neat meatloaf recipes here, but I was looking for a more basic recipe (we're a simple people ). Anyway, I worked this one out tonight:

Basic Meatloaf

1/2 lb lean ground turkey (8 pts.)
1/2 lb lean ground sirloin beef (11 pts.)
1 onion (I don't count, but 1 pt. for those who do)
1/2 an egg's worth of egg subsitute (.5) OR
1 egg (2 pts.)
pepper, to taste

1. beat egg in bowl if using real egg. If not, ignore this step.
2. chop the heck out of the onion and place in bowl. Add the egg substitute and mix(mix with the real egg if this is the way you're going with the recipe).
3.toss in the turkey and the beef, throw away the spoon and get in there with your hands and mix!!
4. shape into a mound and place on a foil covered roasting rack over a pan (don't use a loaf pan, the fat can't escape, silly! . Cover this said mound lightly with foil.
5. bake in a 400 degree, or 425 degree oven, until done (I have no idea how impatient you are, or how hot your oven cooks. Trust your judgement.) For those who need a number, let's say 45- 50 minutes.
6. eat, enjoy and send me lots of grateful emails!

so, to add up the points:
19.5 if using the egg substitute (4.875 pts for 1/4 of whole mound)
21 points if using real egg (5.25 pts for 1/4 of whole mound)

I used a real egg, and I found that it was just too much liquid. If you need more moisture, then add more substitue. Be adventurous, just count the points, if you want [img]smile.gif[/img]

Jeannette :eek: