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Thread: Corn bread pork chops

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    This is a new family favorite:

    4 pork chop center cutlets (no bone)
    3/4 c. low fat buttermilk
    1 T. onion (I use the dehydrated for ease)
    1 T. dijon mustard

    Marinate chops in milk mixture for at least 1/2 hour.

    Crush a box of cornbread stuffing mix into fine crumbs (again, for ease, I use rolling pin and a plastic bag) Coat chops, bake 425 degrees (on a foil lined pan, sprayed with PAM) for 12 minutes. Very moist and flavorable. Yield-4 servings. 9 points

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    Sounds good!!

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    Sounds yummy!

    We do somthing like this, but do it lower temperature in very heavy roasting pot first lining the bottom with sliced onions and garlic. Brown the meat first, then to the pot for about an hour at 325.


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    Great! I was wondering what to do with the leftover buttermilk from my WW Cool Whip Salad. I just hate to waste anything.

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