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Thread: Peach Angel Food Cake

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    Hi guys, I love this dessert, mine always turns out crumbly, but my leader said she uses a mixer to mix it up, not just a spatula, sooo,I will try it next time, hmm maybe tonite, since i bought the ff cool am also going to try it with cherries, someone somehwere said it is devine, good luck how ever it turns out it is yummy.
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    Hi, I bought myself one of those angel food cake pans yesterday at Home Goods ($9.99). The middle of it sticks up higher than the rim of the pan, so when you tip the pan over, I guess the cake would sort of hang in the air. I'm going to give it a try.


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    I make this with the light cherry pie filling and 4.5 tbsps of cocoa. Black Forest Cake! YUMMY! I make it every time there is a gathering or event in my life. Nobody even knows it is low fat (it certainly does not taste it). I also throw on some whipped topping!! The best part of this recipe is how easy it is and I can always have the ingredients on hand so it is easy to whip up when needed. Also it's dairy free and I have a family with dairy allergies so this was a hit for my nieces 2nd birthday.

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    The angel food cake with the cherry pie filling and the cocoa sounds heavenly, but how many servs. and how mant pts???? [img]graemlins/help.gif[/img] I have tried the pineapple one but didn't think it had much flavor...any suggestions??

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    HI [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Just wanted to let you know i made this..and it was awsome...i used the pineapple instead came out great [img]smile.gif[/img]


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    Thanks for the great ideas, I think I am going to have one day a month where my ww buddies at home, get together and try out new recipes. Good way to try out new foods.

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    I have had mixed reviews about this recipe, regardless of the fruit I chose.

    Once I made it with cherrys. Huge flop. It was raw inside, burning on the outside. [img]graemlins/sobbing.gif[/img]

    I then tried crushed pinapple, but it was sticky and soggy on the inside, likely because I didn't use a angel cake pan, so the middle didn't set. I then tried it with the angle cake pan, and it was better, but still sticky.

    I don't know why mine is so different than everyone elses, and I also don't really understand why we add anything to original recipe, since it raises the points!!!

    Any input would be appreciated!

    [img]graemlins/help.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/help.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/help.gif[/img]
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    Hi Jamie, Are you using the Betty Crocker 1-step angel food cake? I have heard people say these recipes don't work at all if you don't use the 1-step by Betty Crocker (there is another one on the market also).

    I think we are always changing/adding to things that already taste good for variety. It's all about fighting off the boredom that sets in with eating the same "safe" foods day after day. I've been a lifetime member since 1988, so I speak from a lot of experience with this. Whenever I have felt myself caving, it has always meant the menues need some shaking up.

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    Default Re: Peach Angel Food Cake

    Bump, this cake made with peaches sounds divine.
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    Default Re: Peach Angel Food Cake

    what would happen if you used just regular white or yellow cake and the peaches?

    I don't even own an angel cake food pan

    I'm not much of a cook
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    Default Re: Peach Angel Food Cake

    Pandorra- I use a 9X13 pan to make this. I think it turns out better. I have never used the regular cake mix though. I always use the angel food (fat free=yay!). The top is a little sticky, but you neve rknow after you slather on the ff cool whip. The cake itself is a little soggy after a couple of days, so it's best to have it when you have guests or share some of it right away. Btw... I drain just a little of the the peach juice and make sure the peaches are chopped up pretty well.

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