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Thread: angel food cake

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    tux Guest


    Help. I need an answer by Tuesday.

    Can you bake Angel Food as a sheet cake?

    I want to make something tasty for a bake sale at my son's school. I figured it would be easier to present something in sheet cake form rather than a bunt cake.

    197/182/124? Hasn,t been discussed yet.
    I think I can.
    I think I can.
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    eaglssong Guest


    I do the angelfood with lite cherry pie filling in an 11 X 13 pan and it comes out great......

    And only two ingredients... you can't beat it with a stick!!

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    tux Guest


    Thanks eaglssong. I will proceed with greater confidance now. I will also go shopping for the appropriate tin pan.

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    I also have a loaf pan made by Wilton especially for angel food cakes. Makes it a lot easier to cut into 16 pieces than the tube pan.

    Any place that sells cake decorating supplies should have it. It is about 24 inches long.

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