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Thread: I need a favor please...

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    I can't open the post with Charski's pizza recipe (too big a thread for my old computer to handle).
    Could someone please copy and paste the recipe and instructions into this thread or start a new one?
    Thanks a bunch!!
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    Here is the recipe. to bad you can't see it because there are lots of suggestions for this pizza.

    This bread recipe was posted by BakerChick on the Breads board:

    “Bran Bread
    (NOte) this can be made by hand or in ABM
    1-1/3 c water
    2 c flour
    1c + 2 T wheat bran
    1/2c + 2 T whole wheat flour
    1-1/2 tsp salt *****
    2 tsp instant yeast (if using ABM, if not, use active dry yeast)
    2 T vital wheat gluten*****
    ***** orig recipe called for 2 tsp salt, this I think made it too salty, so I cut it back..Do not omit salt if making in ABM...
    Also, the vital wheat gluten is my addition to help lighten the loaf)
    The book states you will get 12 slices from the loaf @ 112 cal, 1 gr fat, 5 gr fiber... or 1 pt per slice...
    I usually get 15 slices per loaf, but still count them as 1 point...
    This bread is great! No added fats or sugars! & it tastes great, (not like cardboard! ) & is moist.... It doesn't get very browned ( due to lack of sugar & fats) but this inside is a nice wheat color....)
    I do this on the dough cycle of my aBM & bake in a loaf pan @ 350 in oven for 30 min...
    Jonie “

    Just HAD to share what I did with this bread dough today!

    I have been hankering for pizza for a couple of weeks, so put the ingredients in the Zo, put it on dough cycle, and let 'er rip. I removed it from the pan before the first rise though, and kneaded it well about 5 minutes, turned it into a bowl sprayed with olive oil flavored Pam, sprayed the top of the dough lightly too, and let it rise in the microwave with a 2 cup measure filled with very hot water.

    45 minutes later, it had doubled, so I rolled it out and fit it into a 12" aluminum pizza pan, pressed it down and made a high edge all the way around. I wanted it to rise a bit while I chopped up the veggies for the topping.

    Chopped up one green bell pepper, half a sweet onion, and sliced some mushrooms. I spread about 1/2 cup FF marinara sauce over the dough, sprinkled on maybe 2 teaspoons of RF Parmesan, and used 4 oz. mixed shredded cheddar and mozzarella Veggie Shreds soy cheese over that. Next layer, 18 slices RF pepperoni and 10 slices RF salami, a cup of rehydrated TVP which I had made with beef broth, a teaspoon of Good Seasons Garlic Cheese dry salad dressing mix, some oregano, a sprinkle of Bell's Poultry Seasoning (mostly sage), and some dried red pepper flakes, then topped it with the aforementioned veggies. It baked about 20-25 minutes at 450*, til it was just starting to bubble around the edges of the sauce. I cut it into eighths and figured it was about 2.5 points per slice! DH ate half the pizza! He, who was poo-pooing it, turning up his nose and curling his lip beforehand - Mr. "I only eat Papa Murphy's Pizza"...HAH! AND he said it was great! I could only eat 2 pieces and we each had a "pretend" (nonalcoholic) beer, so for 6 points I am STUFFED. I had dished myself up a big green salad to go with but I couldn't eat more than a few bites of it. I will definitely make THAT meal again!

    Check the RF pepperoni you can is made by both Gallo and Hormel only one of them is half the calories of the other...I'm too lazy to go see which one is the lowest, I believe it's the Gallo though...18 slices is only 1 point.

    WWCarol tried it next, and she put pineapple and black olive slices on one half, and RF turkey pepperoni, burger crumbles, black olives, carmelized onions/peppers/eggplant, with mozarella and parmesean on top - she says it was a HIT!

    Give it a try, I'll be making it again this week for sure....

    "When we go back to the Old way of eating ,
    we go back to the Old weight...." Author Unknown

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    Dawn, you're a SWEETIE!!! Thank you for posting the recipe!! [img]graemlins/kiss.gif[/img]

    I wish I could see the whole thread, too!!
    Thanks again!!

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