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Thread: 1 Pt/Cup Spaghetti Sauce

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    Hi, this is a meatless spaghetti sauce, using veggie meat... you don't even really notice the difference... certainly not in taste.. the veggie meat adds the perfect texture, without adding anything to taste... enjoy!!

    1 Pkg of Yves Veggie Ground Round (=1.5 lbs)
    2 cans diced tomaties
    3 cups tomatoe juice
    1.5 cups tomatoe paste
    1 cup each of the following:
    -mushrooms (fresh)
    -green pepper
    -red pepper (or other pepper of choice)
    2 cloves garlic
    1 tbsp cinnamon (this adds a wonderful taste)
    Other favorite seasonings

    When cooking, cook as you normally wood, saving the veggie meat for the very last... when you eat out of package, it's kida yucky... HOWEVER, it adds the perfect texture to the sauce as meat would without changing any tastes.

    I can get 14 1-cup servings out of this recipe, and I calculate it at 1 pt per serving (or less). If you calculate differently let me know!

    Enjoy! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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    This is so good. Thanks for sharing--I also get 1 pt per cup. Great.

    Sharon aka Parklady
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