I took the Fresh Tomato Pizza recipe (from WW Down to Earth cookbook) and one of the recipes I've been seeing for Tortilla Pizza and I put them together.

I took half of a burrito sized flour tortilla (they are big) which is 2 points and sprayed a frying pan with Butter flavored Pam I also gave each side of the tortilla a quick spray. I cooked the tortilla in the frying pan. While the side was cooking I cut up a tomato into slices (0 points) and measured out 1/8 of feta cheese (1 point). Once the side was done, I flipped the tortilla and placed the tomatoes and the feta cheese on the already cooked side. Once the bottom was done, I placed it on a plate and ate away.

I love the Fresh Tomato Pizza from the cookbook because it uses real tomatoes and feta cheese (it actually uses blue cheese but I dont like blue cheese) but I don't care for the boboli part of the recipe. I like crispy crust on my pizza. I also don't care for reg. pizza sauce so that's why I put the two recipes together. It was a light 3 point lunch that I enjoyed and I thought I'd share!!

Make sure you do your own points if you try it because our cheese/tortillas may be different in point value. Also, a whole pizza would only be 6 points and it's very very filling for just half, imagine what a whole would be?!