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Thread: Tomato Pie anyone?

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    Hi all! Posted this last week, but the question is still eating at me...

    I like to eat "tomato pie" from our pizza shop down the road. It is similar to regular pizza without the cheese + it has like a crushed tomato/garlic topping. The crust would be considered medium, closer to thin and DEFINITELY not deep dish. I could guesstimate , but if someone has more accurate info regarding how to determine Pts/slice, that would be super!

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    Ya know . . . I did a search on "tomato pie" on three different sites and your post is the ONLY one I came up with!!
    I also want to know how many points in a tomato pie.
    Does anyone know??? [img]graemlins/ugh.gif[/img]
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    A friend of mine asked her leader how to point it out and they suggested take away 2 points (for the cheese) from total points for a regular slice.
    Sounds too easy if you ask me... but I'm not complaining

    BTW, what part of Pennsylvania are you from?
    just4kixx (age 40;5'6")<br />Start date 4/21/02<br />HW:195<br />SW:192<br /><b>CW:168 OP#s Lost:24<br />1st 10% 6/27/02!</b><br />PGW:145 (revised 4/23/02)

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    Only 2 points? That seems like so many points for just the crust!! I always thought the cheese was the highest points on the pizza... I guess the leaders probably know more about it than me though!

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