This is a recipe I threw together. The points really all depend on you. The topping is 1-2 points per serving, depending on how much Parmesean cheese you put on it. The pasta varies, obviously, on quantity. I'm Italian, so I don't really measure ingredients, but I'll try to estimate.

Fresh tomatoes (plum are best, but all kinds work) (for 4 people I use 4 lbs of tomatoes)
Fresh basil (1/3 oz..add more to taste)
4 cloves of garlic (more to taste)
1 medium onion
2 tbsp olive oil
1/4 c parmesean cheese
Salt, pepper to taste

1) Chop onion, garlic, basil (or put in food processor until they are evenly chopped...about 6 pulses). Place mixture in mixing bowl.

2) Chop tomatoes into large chunks (or pulse whole tomatoes 3-4 times in food processor). Add tomatoes to mixture.

3) Pour olive oil onto mixture. Add salt, pepper, parm. and mix well.

4) If you have some extra prep time, let the mix sit in the fridge. It can even sit for a couple day. I think it gives it more flavor, but it's not essential. (You can also save a little of this mixture for bruschetta topping)

6) Put 1 tbsp olive oil in pan on top of stove (a wok works well, too). Add the mixture. Allow to cook for 25+ minutes (it can stay on the stove for a long time). Tomatoes will cook down a little.

7) Boil pasta, any type, as much as you want to eat!

8) Top pasta with tomatoes and parm (if wanted).