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    I know i'm in Australia and this might be hard for someone to answer but if anyone could give me some sort of help that would be great. What would a pizza be worth in points or the slices if you asked for a vegetarian on a thin and crispy base (which is not fried) and then asked for half the cheese that they normally put on this pizza?
    is it any better for me or am I kidding myself?
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    Pizza Hut 'thin'n'crispy' vegetarian for one slice of medium pizza is 4 aus. pts. If you ask for half the cheese who knows if they'd actually only give you half. I make my own at on pita bread so I can accurately work out my points. I found this in both the points and eating out guide. But I did use the old ones I have as they are set out much better than the new ones.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks very much for responding!!
    I'm gonna have a bash at using the pita bread

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