This was so easy and I wanted to share with fellow pasta lovers. Orzo is pasta that kinda looks like rice and you can find it either with the rice or with pasta stuff.

26 oz can spaghetti sauce (I used no sugar, with olives)
2 5oz cans 98% fat free chicken
1 sm can mushrooms
oregano and basil (I also used some tabasco)

Mix all ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Serve 1 cup (2.6 pts) over 2 oz orzo (4 pts).

The sauce is 2.6 pts per 1 cup. So I rounded up to 3 pts.

So the sauce with 2 oz orzo is 7 points. I sprinkled some mozzerela cheese on top. It was so yummy!!! And if you can't find orzo, you can use any other type of pasta.