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I found a low pt pizza crust at Sam's Club. Called "MIA's" - it's FF. A 12" crust is 2 pts per slice when cut into sixths. First I cut into chunks a large onion, preferably vidalia. I spray that w/ butter or olive oil spray & microwave it for about 6 minutes. Then I add a whole bag of baby spinach leaves, chopped, & microwave it all for another 2-3 minutes. Then I spray the pizza crust w/ olive oil spray & top the crust w/ the onion/spinach mix. Then add 6 ounces of LF Feta Cheese - 1 pt per ounce, so 1 pt per pizza slice. Alpine Lace makes the lf feta and another company makes it which I can't remember & they add sun-dried tomatoes so it's even tastier (add your own sun-dried tomatoes - don't need much, they're really strong).

another pizza recipe I found on WW board was to spread some BBQ sauce on the crust & top w/ shredded cooked chicken that has been mixed w/ a little BBQ sauce. Then top w/ LF mozzarella. The pts would be figured based on amounts used.