From Pat (Water Rat)

Lo Mein (Chinese style pasta)

THis is an adaptation from a cookbook - which one I can't recall at
the moment, but when I do I'll give credit.

Pasta for 4 servings - I use either thin spagetti or vermacelli
Veggies, chopped very small, or sliced thin
- carrots
- onions
- cabbage
- celery
- zucchini
- peppers

Or pur in or leave out what you like or don't like!

Cook the pasta; saute the veggies in as little oil as you can get
away with

Sauce: This is what makes this dish!

3 TBSP soy sauce (0 pts)
2 TBSP oyster sauce (0 pts)
1 TBSP sesame oil (1 pt)

Add the veggies and sauce to the pasta and stir well. Divide into 4

THe only points are for the pasta, the oil you sauteed in and the
sesame oil.